Peace pagoda.

mother mosquitoes

won’t leave me be

at the peace pagoda


In Southbank Brisbane there is a Nepalese peace pagoda left from the world expo 88. It’s one of my favourite places in this city. I thought I would read there as the sunset. Also in Buddhism due to reincarnation and time being beginningless, we train ourselves to see all sentient beings as having been our mothers in previous lives. The mosquitoes that bite are the females collecting blood to produce offspring.

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the daylight fades…

we can’t be heroes

now you’re gone


Vale David Bowie.


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Hover fly.

my toes dig the sand

please stay awhile

little hover fly


Spent the day at Cootchiemudlo island yesterday, with 2 dear friends.

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Currawong moon

Leaving¬†work I heard birdsong, and looked to the roof of the Griffith University Conservatorium…¬†


the currawong

sings its praise too

dusk moon


The Currawong is a native Australian bird.

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New Year’s day

New Year’s day

it still seems the same

the sky and I


I have decided, against my better judgement to restart this haiku blog/journal. We’ll see how i go, I’m not going to promise something every day, but a few have been popping out recently.

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Cheshire moon.

about three minutes
I’ve waited for the green man
Cheshire Cat moon

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I recently did a two week Lam rim retreat at Chenrezig institute. And at about 4:10 am just before taking Precepts I’d hear laughter. Then during the end of day meditation session, at about 7:00pm I would hear the laughter again.

just before sunrise
a kookaburra chorus
just after sunset

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