Recollections Of A Band

If you’re a fan of Beach House, the band, please read my friends article/interview with a member of Daggerhearts, the pre Beach House band.

Yeah, I'm Blogging That

Daggerhearts – Victoria Legrand, Dirck Ober, Lauren Turek

I’ll begin by giving you the story behind the story. I like to think that fate brings to us the people and the things we are destined to find. I’m crediting fate for allowing me to find my friend Terry one day while surfing Reddit. We began chatting about Beach House rarities, both of us being diehard fans of the band, and he happened to mention that Victoria Legrand was in a band before Beach House…which I already knew, however, I didn’t know the name of the band. Terry did. The band was called Daggerhearts with Victoria Legrand (vocals/keyboard), Dirck Ober (guitar) and Lauren Turek (bass/backing vocals). Terry had discovered the band’s name several months earlier and was in the process of obtaining a long sought after and extremely rare copy of their only pressed vinyl album called Who We Were.

Over the course of…

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