The plagiarist.

This last week I discovered that a former poetry mentor of mine was “caught” plagiarising. This happened in 2013, just after I drifted away from local poetry circles, so I had no idea it happened! I have fond memories of doing a series of ginko’s (haiku walks) with him, and a whole bunch of good people. I thought I’d look him up, and found his blog gone, the poetry group that had monthly meetings ceased also. His last tweet was from that year also. I felt quite sad. I don’t condone plagiarism, but it’s not the worst thing a person can do, although it is duplicitous. The sad thing to me, is that the poetry community here has lost a great poet (some disagree about his greatness), he pulled all his books from sale. But more than that the group has gone and now there’s less of a community for those who love poetry. Hopefully something will come along. I will always love his haiku, especially his one about cursing the beauty of jacaranda flowers as he raked them up in his yard.


no jacaranda blooms…

for the lyrebird

no witch hunt yet


The lyrebird is an amazing mimick. Jacarandas turn Brisbane purple when they blossom.


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5 Responses to The plagiarist.

  1. Well now, Norto, You may be pleased to read that SpeedPoets continues on and is back in West End, on the last Saturday of each month, from 2 to 5 (or thereabouts), at Pallet Bar and Brew in Boundary St, West End.
    Please come and join us if you can on 30 Jan 16, and introduce yourself to me (JdUb) in the black hut.
    Find SpeedPoets on Facebook

    • El Norto says:

      It’s back! Oh thank gosh for that! Damn, I work Saturdays.
      Glad you clarified that it was a hat, not a special hut just for you, though that’s a great image!
      Thanks for letting me know!
      (And nice to know someone is reading this, local too!)

  2. misswoodhouse says:

    Glad to hear SpeedPoets is still going. I attended twice, in 2011 and 2012. But as for the poet in question, you have to consider the victim when it comes to plagiarism. He and I collaborated on a year long project called Friday Night Lights. Imagine my dismay when someone informed me that more than a third of his contributions to our project had been borrowed or outright copied from the work of other poets. A project into which I had invested much time and heart suddenly had a huge black mark against it. Worse, something that I had considered to be my own was no longer so. My experience is negligible compared to that of others whose work was made use of without their knowledge.

    Having said that, I still consider the poet in question a good man; kind and generous. I always admired his openness and sense of wonder. I do not judge him, nor think his intent was necessarily bad. Rather, he was just too enthusiastic, too impatient in his efforts to nurture the poetry community he seemed to pour himself into.

    • El Norto says:

      Hi! I do consider the victims. It’s a sad thing all around. I’m sorry to hear of your experience! That is such a let down. Like having the rug pulled out from under you. I still feel the same towards him too. I try not to judge either, as we all have lapses of judgement, and make some very wrong decisions at times. I myself also only attended Speedpoets a few times, mostly because I’m always working when its on, and also I’m very narrow minded and are just almost purely interested in haiku and/or Tanka.

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