stroking my lover’s cheek
the spring wind
through an open window
the sound of cars in the night

the more I cling
the more it slips away
the soap

high tide
drowning in the river
of thoughts

a thief in the night
the owl wonders
who? who?

crying out
for the death of pigs at night
the morepork

The morepork is a type of owl, native to New Zealand. It’s call sounds like it’s saying “more pork”.

nameless birds talk of the world
outside the window
just can’t shake this feeling
of life passing me by

clear blue sky
bougainvillea blooms receive
visiting bees
wishing I was with my love
gazing out this window

This tanka is from the Manyoshu. By an anonymous frontier guard. Translated by Kenneth Rexroth. I included it, as it really resonates with me, and is influencing my writing at the moment.

Over the reeds
Twilight mists rise and settle
Wild ducks cry out
As the evening turns cold
Lover, how I long for you.

I can feel
another poem
coming on,
or is it just
a headache?

half moon gazing
on bare limbs
the first frangipani blooms


About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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