early morning
the view of Daylesford lake
through thick mist

Hanging rock
on the path, someone has left
a Malteaser

Hanging rock
on the summit a man rolling
a cigarette

leaving behind
the crumbs from a picnic
Hanging rock

Vampire rock
a cockatoos cry
pierces the silence

cold hands
clinging to the willow bud
a drop of water

echoes of laughter
from a kookaburra
wrong turn

winter rain
the dead tree brought to life
by crimson rosellas

a kangaroo scratching
the tourists lining up
their shots


About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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One Response to 15/08/2012

  1. alarmingman says:

    I don’t know why I missed this set before – I especially like the one about the kookaburra’s mocking laugh. I can definitely relate to that!

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