haiku three three nine.

Hello all!

darkened cinema
at least no one can see
the tears

Thanks for reading!


About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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2 Responses to haiku three three nine.

  1. alarmingman says:

    I’ve just nominated you for the “Inspiring Blog Award” as I find your haikus to be beautiful, uplifting, and very sincere. Also, you were probably the first ‘WordPresser’ I made contact with after I started; it was considerably inspiring , to say the least, to come across another person with the ‘haiku-a-day’ creed. Please see http://alarmingman.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/inspiring-blog-award/ to learn more about this award.

    • Haiku bear says:

      Thank you so much! This means a lot to me! I am humbled by your praise! I enjoy your haiku very much also! The one from the other day about mortality sitting opposite, was excellent! I will have to get my self organised and nominate as well! Also you were the first WordPress blogger I found who was doing haiku, and at such a high caliber!

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