haiku two nine seven

Hello all!

slow river
to the sound of my house keys
I run alone

autumn dusk
the cricket returns
a mobile phone’s call

Thanks for reading!


About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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6 Responses to haiku two nine seven

  1. Steven Myers says:

    what’s that called when you can see sounds or hear words?
    it’s like a cross pillination of senses..
    synesthesia, that’s it…thank you wikiedia!
    that just happened to me while reading haiku 297.
    that’s amazing.

    • Haiku bear says:

      Which one gave you synesthesia? That’s my aim for a lot of haiku! I want people to share my experiences, by using their own experiences to paint the picture in there minds! It’s been said of haiku that the reader writes the poem. The hard part for me is choosing the right words, I don’t always succeed.

  2. Me too Steve! I could see the river and feel the keys hitting my leg.

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