haiku two two five.

Hello all!

We all forget that sometimes in life we need to take the time to maintain things. Such as our thinking, keep in check our unkind thoughts toward others. Also our health, this is not something we should put off ever. We all get lazy though, and start seeing things as chores. But maintaining things is very necessary.

sewing the button

again and again

rain on the window

Note: this was influenced by a poem that Graham Nunn showed our ginko group on our very first day. I’ve forgotten who the author is, but it goes:

threading the needle

again and again

the cricket’s cry

it in turn could be influenced by Masaoka Shiki’s poem:

again and again

I ask how high

the snow is

I’m finding it interesting that while I was Reading the Complete Basho by Jane Reichhold, that my haiku were very much becoming more and more influenced by the hidden meanings in Basho’s haiku. And now that I’m reading Masaoka Shiki, his life and works, by Janine Beichman, I’m very much doing the sketch from life (shasei) style haiku that Shiki was famous for.

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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2 Responses to haiku two two five.

  1. Steven Myers says:

    thank you for the references and reminders
    and layers of influence beneath haiku 225.
    i’m convinced again
    that mending will bring a new day.

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