haiku one seven nine.

Hello all!

First of all, a revision of one of yesterdays haiku.

tall roadside grass

an unseen crickets cry

pierces the night

and a revision of one from a few days ago:

park honeyeaters

also flock to view

young men sunbathe

and now for today; I finally watched the new Tintin movie, and then took a walk from the Barracks to Novel lines bookshop, where I found 2 local poetry anthologies, and Black cat books, where I bought nothing, but found some penguin merchandise that I really want! A thermos and a passport cover, both with Jack Kerouac’s On the road book cover on them! Then I took the bus to the city and Folio books, which promptly shut. Also they seemed to have moved all the haiku books to the novelty/humour shelf, what a kick in the guts that feels like. Then it was time to grocery shop and go home and prepare food for tomorrows lunch. Maybe there’s time to finish watching Akira Kurosawa’s Seven samurai (which is long overdue at the video shop) before bed.

mid-day sun

in the shade of the bridge arch

a cool breeze

blue sky

a breeze shifts

the spider in her web

in the mall

feeding a pigeon

the homeless woman

frying an omlette

a tea packet

falls off the shelf

washing dishes

listening to the song

of a gecko

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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3 Responses to haiku one seven nine.

  1. gporiginal says:

    I really enjoy this:

    “park honeyeaters

    also flock to view

    young men sunbathe”

    It gives another dimension as far as what could a honeyeater be?: a bear? or bees? (I guess bees maybe since they would flock more as would a bird) / but I think the real strength is in saying “also flock to view / young men sunbathe” / because one could imagine women doing so and as a reader I wonder if you are alluding to this possibility.

  2. gporiginal says:

    I had no idea. Those are small little birds.

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