haiku one seven seven.

Hello all!

Another long day. These posts are starting to sound like a deja vu. I had lunch in the park again. It seems to be a great place for some quick inspiration. Here’s what happened today:

park honeyeaters

also flock to view

male sunbathers

Emma Miller place

is very scenic

male sunbathers

here’s one that has lain in wait for a few days. Seeing as the other haiku today was rather base I felt it fitted in well today.

the other day a friend stayed the night. In the morning I had to get ready for work. Not wishing to disturb with my usual routine of couch, internet, and breakfast news on the TV, I sat on the back steps/fire escape

ah the smell!

breakfast by the neighbours

toilet window

and now to raise the tone with a Basho haiku from the Jane Reichhold Complete Basho. I hope that one day I can write a haiku as great as this:

In mourning for the death of a certain person

dying charcoal fire

extinguished by tears

a boiling sound

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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