haiku one seven six.

Hello all!

Today was a day of mental healing, sort of. Basically I calmed down, and felt embarrassed that I lost my cool at work. So apologies were made to the appropriate people and work carried on. Now the family are skyping me as we discuss the fate of the family farm. Meanwhile here’s todays crop.

left behind

alone on the bridge

moon viewing

cinema foyer

the wasp moves in and out

of the light

upon seeing a memorial dedicated to workers who have died or been injured at work, and workers in general

work break

leaving the park I read

a memorial to me

city park

foreign travellers at home

among sacred ibis

city park

back-packers settle among

sacred ibis

I thought I would try my hand at tanka it’s probably horribly wrong. In fact I know it is, as I have very little knowledge of tanka, and subsequently how to write one, but as the saying goes; allow yourself to write bad poetry.

in the cinema foyer

I wait to take tickets

I admire a wasp

as it weaves

in and out of the light

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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