haiku one seven one.

Hello all!

Happy new year once again!

New years day

emptying the dregs from

last years bottles

in a hurry

to get home

untied shoelace

I originally had this poem as this:

you’re in a hurry

to come off too

untied shoe

new years day

clearing the old hotels

dirty laundry


new years day

clearing the hotels

old dirty laundry

Here’s another revision; first the original:

the awkward peaks

of the glass house mountains

in humid sunlight

Then the revision:

this awkward heat

the volcanic peaks of

the Glasshouse mountains

I think it’s an improvement.

This last one is from a new years eve moment I experienced more than 10 years ago. Being new years today I thought about it again. It was the best new years eve I’ve ever had. One of my sisters invited me along to Kawau island, near Auckland New Zealand. Her partner at the time’s parents were managing a campground, and we stayed there. There was a rocky beach and wildlife all over the island. Which included wallabies, which are Australian of course. We all sat around playing board games waiting till midnight, when we decided to celebrate the coming year in a way that has never been bettered for me.

jumping off

the jetty at midnight


Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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