Haiku one forty seven.

Hello all!

Today was such a low day. Nothing was achieved or accomplished. Had breakfast at Atomica. Shopped at Bent books, and Jet black cat music, but only found stuff I wanted at Avid reader; Twin shadows Forget CD, Jack Kerouac’s Desolation Angels, and a notebook for a secret santa present. Then back home to binge on emotional eating foods (ice-creams and tiramisu) which just made me feel ill like i knew it would. So then I went for a walk in South bank, before walking over the Victoria bridge to Jb hi-fi and bought: The pains of being pure at heart’s Belong, Lykke Li’s Youth novel, Best coast’s Crazy for you, and The Smiths The queen is dead. Then it was home to cook some fried rice.

silver ash blooms

turn into pavement slush

summer rain

Nepalese peace pagoda

Chinese tourists flash

their cameras

city rain forest

the white ibis stumbles

over a lizard

bougainvillea arch

the busker strums

his mandolin

lily pond

behind the safety barrier

a water dragon

water dragons eye

silver ash blooms

scatter in the breeze

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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