haiku one forty.

Hello all!

At the last ginko (on the Sunday just gone) Graham Nunn asked me if I had ever been inspired by my work in the hotel. Apart from 3 haiku in the past I tend to switch off at work, and be mostly uninspired. So bearing this in mind I have attempted to keep my mind, and eyes open at work. There’s plenty of grist to be found at work, so there’s no excuses really. Today I have attempted a few.

in awe of

the early riser

the sacred ibis stares

the morning shower

made quicker

a spider on my foot

cigarette butts,

paper clip, and a use by note

I sweep the path

vacuuming the bar,

“sorry we’re closed”

the pigeon leaves

cool night rain

does not stop me

from perspiring

across the bridge

toward home

the blackened sky

– or

across the bridge

home toward

the blackened sky

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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4 Responses to haiku one forty.

  1. fhhakansson says:

    I really enjoyed the second one! It was quite funny 😀

  2. I thought it was a haiku a day? You’ve out done yourself here! 🙂 I liked the first one. It’s almost like the Ibis wrote it. A change in perspective is an interesting thought.

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