haiku one thirty six.

Hello all!

Well today was the last ginko with Graham Nunn and co. We went to Mount Gravatt. There’s some trees there, and I got burned. Thanks to Leeanne for the lift to and from. Saw Stephen Wiltshire drawing Brisbane at the State library. Took in the Yayoi Kusama exhibition again, and had fun in the obliteration dot sticker room! Had lunch at Hong depot finally! Yummy and fresh! Then raced back to GoMA for the very last film in the Hitchcock retrospective: Family plot. So good, but I did fall asleep a bit. Dinner time!

walking the path

eating a pie I leave

a trail for the birds

seeking shade

the butterfly circles

the clearing

mountain path

on the rock

a pile of rocks

a different call

on each branch

the friarbird

clear blue sky

the scent of


on the forest path

brushing my knees

spider webs

at the base of

the gum tree

fallen bark

crossing the path

the butterfly’s shadow

mountain path

I’m lost

in writing

such heat!

the kookaburras

can only laugh

among fallen leaves

a brown moth

late morning sun

even the gecko

seeks shade

cicadas hum

the scent of

gum trees

treeless path

the gleam of

the skinks skin

finally a breeze

damp shirt

lifts from my skin

damp shirt

sticks to my skin

finally a breeze

bush trail

ants carry leaves

twice their size

a curled leaf

hangs in the breeze

forest spiderweb

tree trunk graffiti

even the crow complains

in the gum tree shade

the magpie eats a worm

the click of my pen

city forest

not as much nature

as expected

in the native garden

“no dogs allowed”

mountain forest

admiring the view

of the city

hilltop breeze

a gum leaf hits

my notebook page

on the floor

of the gallery cafe

a Kusama dot

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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3 Responses to haiku one thirty six.

  1. I have always wanted to see Australia. This post makes me want to go even more.

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