Haiku one hundred and twenty two.

Hello all!

Well this morning was great weather for the urban ginko, around Fortitude valley. And then my partner and I took in Rock of ages, the rock musical! It is a whole lot of fun! Go and see it! Even if it’s just for the little LED lighter, they give you to wave along to the ballads.

stretched out

on buffalo grass

a yellow blanket

above the pink

frangipani tree

motorway on-ramp

Chinatown park

rising from the grass

a man claps

in the bark garden

empty bottles

from last night

pain as I rise

from the grass

prickles in my palm


the motorway on-ramp

a jacaranda grove

a hedge of leaves

half green, half yellow

I wish I knew more

in the palm

of a leaf

a cigarette

under a tree

a man contemplates

a parking meter

in the bamboo garden

among the stones

new cigarette butts

on the corner

of Chinatown mall

incense smoke

empty bottles

models dress

and undress

atop the mast

of a streetlight

a crows nest

Sunday morning

in the bamboo garden

more cigarette butts

under the scarlet tree

a myna bird swoops

at a white ibis

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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