Haiku one hundred and sixteen.

Hello all!

Well on this day we encountered Hari raya, or Aidil adha, which closed everything down (well almost). We were in a tiny coastal town called Kuala Besut, which is the jumping off point for the ferry’s to the Pulau Perhentian’s, or Perhentian islands. Seriously I was busting! Ha ha. I will post a link at the end so you can find out about Hari raya/Aidil adha. I’m still trying to make sense of it my self. The TV news showed a lot of meat getting cut up!

on hari raya

tethered to a house

a cow waits

she saunters into

the seaside cafe

a stray cat

through the crush

in the monorail

I smell durian *

in the half-dark lane

a black cat glares

“what now, what now?!”

rogue wave hits the shore

the ginger cat leaps

from my embrace

powerless resort

even the chef

is in the dark

flat blue horizon

the captain guns

the speedboats engine

in the jungle heat

the ruins of buildings

that were never built

hari raya day

not even public toilets

are open

* Durian, is a type of fruit popular with a lot of people in Malaysia. Also Orangutans love them, apparently.

These are obviously out of order, some of the moments had happened the day before, like the monorail, but I didn’t write the haiku until the next day, by that time we were far away on a tropical island! Oh and I will include a link about durian’s for those who have no idea. For some the smell is disgusting. It is a very strong smell, and can be compared to rubbish decomposing in a gutter. But it is a very sweet smell also. For me it triggers good memories, mostly of previous visits to Malaysia.

Thanks for reading!









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