Haiku one hundred and fourteen.

Hello all!

Well yesterday was a long day of travel to Kuala Lumpur, which started at 4:00am Australia time, and ended at 6:00pm Australia time, which was about 3:00pm Malaysia time. We met a lovely woman on the plane, who was on her way to Peru via Amsterdam, (and of course KL). But it feels great to be back in KL! I am so late getting this post up, as I went to bed last night without even attempting to find internet. So here it is a day late. We have spent the morning eating and shopping around the various markets and malls in KL.

through the warm

spring night traffic

police on horses


warm spring night

down the street stride

police on horses


warm spring night

along the street stride

police on horseback

dawn twilight

city lights reflect

in the calm river

my lovers face

in the rearview mirror

airport shuttle

stretched out

on a park bench

blue jeans

candy whispers

I farewell

my lover

eating breakfast

at the airport

a kookaburra calls


with the day

my shadow

weeding the

flower bed

white ibis

first evening star

named by

some fool

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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