Haiku ninety nine.

Hello all!

Well tomorrow will be my 100th post! So I will deliver the first blogged haiku as promised, but that’s tomorrow! As for today, well we flew to Sydney from Melbourne. I managed to run to Collected works bookshop on the corner of Flinders lane, and Swanston street, before catching the airport shuttle. Great Bookshop! Thanks to Graham Nunn for the recommendation! So tonight we saw Mary Poppins (Marys Poppin) at the Capitol theatre. Such a beautiful theatre, and a truly awe-inspiring show! Just absolutely amazing!


between the awnings

melbourne rain

crossing the street

the bell of a

trams approach

airport lounge

reading haiku while

children cry

asian food court

again and again

the bells sing

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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One Response to Haiku ninety nine.

  1. one more, 100th, how cool.

    keep writing stunning haiku.

    join poets rally this week if you can, bless you.

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