Haiku seventy four.

Hello all!

Today I worked a late shift, so had the chance to go to the Surrealism: the poetry of dreams exhibition at GoMA, for the second time! Well my partner hadn’t been yet so it was a must! It is such a great exhibition! Today I walked away really loving Magrite’s paintings, and the collages, which I think were by Max Ernst, but I might me wrong. I love the abattoir photo’s of cows legs, by Eli Lotar! Must go back and get the exhibition book. I spent enough today purchasing the Luis Bunuel DVD Andalusian dog. Ok enough art talk.

insects circle light

on the wall

gecko waits

the Wheel of Brisbane

from this height

lights litter the ground

wet muscles

glisten in sunlight

seafood at the beach

silver needles

a pot of tea

before bed

down the drain

tea leaves clog the sink

Russian caravan

paint lumps sparkle

under gallery light

dead birds

leave everything

take to the highways

neon sign implores

ominous clouds

heavy with portent

of spring growth

brown muscular skin

I swell with desire

night walk home

billboard screams

do better!

Well that’s all folk’s!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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