Haiku seventy.

Hello all!

Well it was a bit of a shopping frenzy for me today upon receiving my tax return! Tickets, and books were the order of the day! Also took in another Woody Allen film at Tribal theatre, see if you can guess which one.

tax return

heightens bank balance

and mood

warm blue sky

street walking

noticing nothing

white petals

green leaves

jasmine air

spherical belly

two trimesters ago



from bakery over my head


under a tree

standing man

on his phone

boat hired

from shore to island ruins


hard life face

despondent shoulders

sat in doorway

face through curtain

sushi train cleaning girl

enters with mop

moving image

projector whirs black & white


Well did you figure it out?

Thanks for reading!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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2 Responses to Haiku seventy.

  1. Leonargo says:

    I really liked 1, 4, and 6. Quite witty and at times from the gut as well, hard to that with haiku I think.

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