Haiku sixty seven.

Hello all!

What a crap day at work! On with the haiku, which is in abundance today!

ghostly light beams

sway in the night sky

balmy spring evening

late for work

stepping out into


gibbous moon

clouds spectral halo

leaf falls to pavement

seed pod falls

parked car feels

natures force

the seed pods have fallen where are the blossoms?

harried footprints

in white snow

flecked with red

spring night sky

above the city

a lone star

rattling deep within phlegm

exposure shy

from shelf to shelf

the cockroach

bromeliad blossoms with neglect

seagulls defend winning teams goal

the books unread

the films unwatched

the computer overheats

loud noise

from the window

crimson Rosella falls


across the rooms centre

a cockroach

leisurely sailing

down the river I read

a death on its namesake

Tinariwen’s desert blues

mixes with urban sounds

through open windows

she dreamed of being

a prostitute in Sydney

dreams can come true


obscenities and fireworks

with father

sweat glistens

amongst the hair

on the runners back

circling insect

brings to mind

swirling thoughts

his sunburnt belly

reminds him of

Balinese holiday

from Tasmania

a Tibetan book arrives in

Queensland envelope

couple walking

from side to side

her ponytail

on a rooftop

copper sundown through smog

throbbing in my head

The end.



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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