Hello once again.

Managed 4 haiku today! Here they all are.



Teeth grit

confrontation awaits

in line at Post shop.




Adventure beckons!

Book in hand, music in ears

train to suburbs.




Rubble heap

only yesterday

it was a building.




Crisp shirt

confident swagger

young business man.


Well that’s all folks!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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4 Responses to 49.

  1. Haiku bear says:

    Well that’s frustrating. I’ve updated this post 3 times and every time is edits out my spacings so everything just aligns to the left. Anyone know how to fix this?

  2. Haiku bear says:

    That is is also meant to be it. Time for bed.

  3. symanntha says:

    Thier should be a center align button you can push. You don’t have to space them at all, it does it for you.

    I can really relate to these Haiku. In the 1st one you are talking about going to the Post Office to send letters right (I’m American)? I despise my mail lady/Post Master. She’s very lazy.

    The third one caught me by surprise. In May, the Midwest and Southern United States had a record-breaking number of Tornados. They killed a lot of people and took out whole towns. Over night there was nothing but rubble where there used to be resturants and stores. Its been 100 days and its still emotional for a lot of us when we go into town.

  4. Haiku bear says:

    Yes it is about the post office. Damn post office! For some reason in Australia the post offices are called post shops, there are some post offices but they tend to be bigger. I wasn’t sending I was recieving a parcel. The problem arises when I go to pick up mail for my partner, and the postie hasn’t written the address properly, and my name is different etc. The people are always so grumpy in there it’s never the best experience.

    I think I heard about those tornados. Personally we had to put up with a flood early this year, our place is close to the river, but our street was only one metre (3 feet) under. Luckily we live 3 stories up! Others were not aso lucky.

    Also I don’t want to centre the post, just put some differing spaces in my haiku. It’s hard to explain. I’ll try harder.
    Thanks for reading!

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