The forty fifth.

Last night at work was shall we say inspirational. Another 4 haiku.



Last summer rains

melding with summer

soaks my shirt.




Empty hallway

slamming doors, disturbing peace

of hotel guests.




My rasping cough

creates institutional echo

in the corridor.




In a room with no

windows in a corner

I find no truth.


The last one is a tongue in check reference to a Joy Division song, sort of an opposite. Well that’s it just a brief one today as I’m going out into the sun to explore parts of the city I haven’t been to in a very long time, namely the Eagle st pier markets.



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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2 Responses to The forty fifth.

  1. I extra “like” the one with the institutional cough. That’s a cough I have a strong sense of.

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