Quivering atop hot,



Yes I’ve been eating at the Kimono sushi restaurant on my street again. I finally discovered what the stuff that’s usually on top of takoyaki (fried octopus balls) is! I asked the sushi guy (not on first name basis yet, but soon) what was on top of my okonomiyaki, and he said katsuobushi, the light finally clicked on in my dim-witted head! I have read about katsuobushi in the magnificent manga serial Oishinbo. I know that its dried and smoked fish (skipjack tuna/bonito) shavings, but I hadn’t made the connection to the stuff that was on top of takoyaki. Probably because I read about its use in making dashi, which is like a soup stock or broth. Also if you don’t know what okonomiyaki is, it’s a Japanese cabbage pancake, usually smothered with mayo and some type of sauce, and made with any other ingredients you like!

I do feel a bit school teacher-like explaining things sometimes, but I know when I haven’t learnt something it’s always nice to find out. I also know how tedious it can be when you know something, only to have it explained over and over again, if this is you I think you can just read the haiku and move on. I mean no offence, and I’ll take none either.

Here is a link to the Oishinbo series if you’re interested in reading/buying it: http://www.viz.com/product?id=7489



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