Well today saw a flurry of inspiration which has resulted in 4 haiku! One of which is in portugese! Now I don’t speak portugese at all! Not even remotely! I just listen to a bit of Brazilian music, one of my favourite Brazilian singers/artists is Caetano Veloso, and my haiku is pretty much influenced by his songs. Also the words I’ve used are the most common (well to my ears) in Brazilian songs.



Saudade, meu amor

Pobre coracao.


Unfortunately I can’t put the punctuation under the second c , and over the second a in coracao, and it’s said cor-ah-son, or thereabouts. Oh wait here’s the translation into english:


Sadness, my love

Poor heart.

It’s a crap translation. Saudade can’t be translated very well. It can be sadness, longing, aching, nostalgia, homesickness and even then I don’t think we can really grasp its meaning. It is possibly the most common word in portugese and I think it’s beautiful! The way I hear it pronounced is kind of like this: sah-oo-da-jee, or sa-u-da-ji or sow-da-ji (sow as in the female pig). Anyway onto the next haiku:


Grievious angels

Who deign to grace us mortals

With their dim presence.


Of course ‘grievious angels’ is blatently stolen/plagerised from Gram Parsons! Next up:


Dead eyes, heartless gaze

Lazy vulgar sybarites!

Pleasure at all costs.


Another line is blatently stolen/plagarised but I’m not telling where from! Next:


Corporate punishment

Atavistic avarice

Lowly ideals.


That one is all original! Obviously corporate is said cor-prit not cor-puh-rit, and ideals is i-de-ils not i-deels. Some people may say them differently but that is how I’ve counted my syllables! Hope I haven’t bored you too much. Have a good day. That is all!



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I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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2 Responses to #39

  1. I’m impressed that, though you don’t speak Portuguese, you’ve mastered enough to write in it. Maybe I should write you all poetry in Spanish (which coincidentally, I do speak, though not natively). 🙂

    • Haiku bear says:

      Thanks for being impressed, but I actually know more Spanish than Portugese! Although I’m not fluent in Spanish either! Oh the failure of the dilettante, interested in everything, an expert on nothing! I don’t know why a haiku came to me in Portugese, but the muse wants what it wants. I had to check the words I was using were actually portugese and not Spanish as I still confuse the two as some words are the same, like pobre for instance. Otra mas gracias por leer mi blog de haiku. (It’s frustrating not being fluent you end up sounding like a simpleton!)

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