24 hours.

I have had a very nothing day. Worked for 4 hours in the morning, parking cars. Then when I got home my sick one had cooked a pizza! Which was yum! Then we took a little walk to the video shop, and rented some DVD’s. Watched The three faces of Eve, which was interesting though not enough to keep me awake the whole time. And now I’m about to get ready for bed, and I am completely bereft of inspiration! Tomorrow I want to see Red dog the movie, so here’s a poem inspired by the story.

Red dust everywhere

Wanderer beyond compare

‘Neath blue sky, red dog.

I loved moving through the Pilbara region of Australia, and me and my French friend fell in love with the story of red dog. We even made a little detour to vist the vet clinic (I think it was in Karatha) where they had a scrap book of red dog, photo’s and newspaper clippings. I reccomend everyone who’s interested/touched by this story to go see the movie, and or read the book, by Louis De Bernieres! I will provide links at the end of this post.






About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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