Twenty three.

My first vaguely “normal” day today in a while. Went to the markets, (got my organic honey that I love!), went to the gym and killed myself (obviously not literally). Then watched a film (Takeaway with Vince Colosimo, and Stephen Curry) with my sick one, who is now in bed.

My mind’s in tumult

I’m wishing the exotic

Yet here I will stay.

Still coming to terms with the things that have happened, and the things that have not happened this week.

I’m road-trip wishing

Wind though fingers out car door

As darkness descends.

Well thats a two-fer today! If i was wise I would have kept one for tomorrow! But I am but a fool! And I also want to share a haiku by Rene Maublanc:

Le ciel noir,        Black sky

Les nez rouges, Red noses

Et la niege,         And snow.

I love the simple imagery of this poem, although it doesn’t seem to use the haiku convention of 17 syllables, it is so short and sweet! Like a french dessert.



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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