I have to be quick as I have to board a plane.

Lady intently

Flicking through some magazines

Ripping pages out.

Gotta go!


About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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4 Responses to 19.

  1. I got all excited because I thought this said “Lady Gaga”. I think I need help. I love ripping pages out of things, especially Leviticus from the Bible in hotels.

  2. Haiku bear says:

    Ha ha leviticus! I’m sure that section is all hellfire and brimstone and what not! I can’r get past genesis it’s so badly written, and dull!
    I did listen to the Gaga on the plane! I think I may buy the recent album!
    Air NZ have a supurb selection of music to listen too!

  3. arcanewhisper says:

    love your name.. haikus are my favorite (:

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