Here I am at the late end of the day. Have done nothing much all day. Have hardly left the house! Haven’t done all the things I was planning. Did achieve some cleaning, and loading songs onto my iriver, but thats it. I feel so guilty for piking on my volunteering responsibility, but I’m just tired and wanted a day to myself to do nothing. Is that really bad? I feel guilty also for not going to the gym like I really needed to. Why do I make myself feel guilty for relaxing and spending some me time, when I only have 1 whole day off, and are generally pretty busy all the other 7 days? Anyway here’s todays effort.

Spent all day at home

Left the house to go shopping

Alone with my thoughts

I wasn’t alone the whole time, my partner did accompany me to the shops for groceries. Well the theme of loneliness (which for me isn’t a bad or negative concept) brings me to the haiku that I wanted to share in a previous post but couldn’t. Tonight the book is with me and I can present it so! It is by Fujimoto Kanseki:

Shiozuke no      The flavor

Daikon no aji    Of the salt-pickled daikon

Tsuki to futari  The moon and I

Theres just something so beautiful and poetic to me about eating a pickled radish alone by moonlight.

Then there’s this one by a french poet Jean Baucomont:

Le Train arrivait;                       The train was coming;

J’avais un baiser tout pret:     I had a kiss all ready:

Le train est parti…                    The train left…

So much pathos, and a little bathos, in a few short lines. The expectant kiss-giver, and the absent recipient.

Well thats 3 pieces for you to chew or mull over which ever you prefer.

Good night!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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