Day (calle) ocho!

Heh heh like my not so sneaky tip to Pitbull? His music is one of my guilty pleasures. Take for instance the song She’s freaky, I love how the lyrics are so mysoginistic! Which usually I wouldn’t condone at all, but for some reason in that song it makes me go yeah! Maybe because it shocks me slightly that its so blatant, and it’s nice to find that you can still be shocked, albeit slightly.

Today was another hectic day at work, which lead to a procrastinating night at home. I should’ve really gone to the gym, but I procrastinated, and now I’m not going. My excuse? My legs are still sore from Wednesday! Seriously that was 3 days ago. Thats a lesson for me, don’t go for a couple of weeks and its harder to get back into it, so should just not stop! Well onwards and upwards with todays haiku which is about… you guessed it!


When you want to do something

But can’t be bothered.

Thats all folks!

Oh wait here’s the link to hear the Pitbull song:



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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