Captains log day 6.

I’m enjoying doing not much on my day off! Mostly eating, which isn’t good if I don’t go to the gym. Or just maybe I need all the nutrients I can get to get rid of this cold! So I’m lying on the couch watching Viridiana by Luis Bunuel, and thinking about going to a park to get some sun, and this is what came out.

Surrounded by green

It reminds me of a song

Trees those useless trees.

I love that song (Trees by Pulp) even though I don’t share the sentiment that trees are useless. On the contrary they are very usefull! Not only do they asorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen (which Jarvis does allude to in the song), but they are also usefull for a whole load of things. Firewood, houses, furniture, and sawdust for low class eateries. Which me and my partner did thus enjoy last week in Daylesford, (the firewwod, house and furniture aspects not the sawdust). It was a marvelous 3 nights sitting by the fire, eating bread and cheese and dips, watchhing DVD’s and exploring the natural mineral springs of the area. I couldn’t believe the fizzy water coming from the pump taps, which are all over. I did think is this a trick? Are they carbonising the water in a tank? But they weren’t and why would they go through that for something that is available for free! Anyway Daylesford is a beautiful place, I would move there in a heartbeat! Maybe when i win lotto! Gotta start getting those tickets eh?

So moving right along there’s a really beautiful poem (to me anyway) that I wanted to share, by Hashimoto Takako.

Araigami                 Fresh-washed hair

yuku tokoro mina Everywhere I go

Shizuku shite         Making trickles

Sometimes the old adage of “write what you know” does mean you can get the simple beautiful unadulterated truth. What I mean is my poem is sort of false if you like, because I did not go to the park, I merely imagined it. Perhaps if I actually went to the park I may not see green everywhere! But Hashimotos poem rings true because she’s obviuosly washed her hair many times, and had it do the same thing. Yet something one day must have made it stand out, and she’s crystalised it into a beautifully stark poem. I’m stuck by its simplicity, and it’s truth makes it all the more beautiful. I’m also a sucker for the minutiae of life!



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