Day three.

Day three already! And still doing it, must be a record for me!

So here’s todays haiku:

I am lamenting

My decreased savings, oh well

Bali here we come.

Purely thought related today, no environment at all, unless you count Bali, but it’s more of an Idea, until you get there! I love Bali, I’m looking forward to going back there!


About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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2 Responses to Day three.

    • Haiku bear says:

      No I haven’t seen that book before! I think I might pick that one up! As I don’t have time/patience to read all those classics, but really want to know them. What I love about haiku is the distillation of large ideas, into small crystaline lines! I love the limitations of 3 lines, 17 syllables. I also love it because I’m always counting things and organising things into patterns in my mind, I’ve been doing this since childhood. And don’t talk about it much as I cant explain it in a way that makes sense to others. It’s like I live life to my own beat! Which is why I love music so much I guess.

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