Day 2.

So day 2 is here already! Here’s todays haiku, thought up whilst on my way home from work:

Work has ended now

Some one busking, bye bye love

Onward home, sunset.

I was thinking on the way home while composing my lil haiku, how much my life is all cityscape/life. And how the early traditional haiku masters poems refelected their surroundings. For instance this beautifully simple piece by Matsuo Basho (or usually Basho for short:

Furuike ya                old pond

Kawazu tobikomu  a frog leaps in

Mizu no oto             water’s sound.

I included the “romaji” japanese so those who are so inclined can count the sylables, as the translation doesn’t have the traditional 17 sylables.

I hope you enjoy todays offerings, I’m off to blow my nose! Damn cold!



About El Norto

I write haiku. This is my haiku journal.
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